Keeping Each Other Safe COVID-19

  • Please bring your own pen.
  • Please make sure any shoes you wish to show us are cleaned.
  • Please keep things relevant, PPE is uncomfortable to wear.

1. Patient

One patient only in clinic room. One adult may accompany a child.

2. Arrival

Please use the pre-cleaned facilities at clinic to wash you hands before seeing a clinician.

3.  Mask

If you feel more comfortable wearing a face mask in our clinic, please ask. We can supply a mask (subject to availibilty) at a cover cost of £2.00.

4. Clinician

We have full PPE to keep you and us as safe as possible.

5. Clinic

We avoid patient cross over in clinic to keep everyone safe and we are cleaning thoroughly between patients.

6. Payment

We can use our online system to take a contactless payment, if you prefer.

7. We will keep examination relevant

COVID19: We are a very experienced team and only apply tests and examinations which are absolutely necessary for our patients.

Strictly non essential testing such as Computer Gait Analysis might be left to a later appointment.

8. Please wash your hands again,

when you leave the clinic. Thank you!

Thank you for helping us to keep everyone safe.